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You are looking for new approaches, new and pioneering ideas and thoughts? You will find them right here.

Are you a FEMALE PIONEER Role Model?

Then here is the right place for you. We want to change the public picture of experts and pioneers. In so many speaker slots, requests for expert opinions, presentations of pioneering ways and thoughts we mostly see and get presented men in this roles. 

But the world has changed - There are so many competent and professionell FEMALE experts and pioneers. 

It's time to get connected nationwide and interdisciplinary to show our impact on this world - public and together from a strong position. Become part of our FEMALE PIONEERING COMMUNITY, so no one can ever say - we didn't find a female pendant for our occasion.

Pioneering means taking adventures!

How we see a Pioneer. A Pioneer is...

Curious | Unconcerned | Risk taking |

Likes making experiences | Has the courage

to change | just do things



Are you with us? Then let's take the next steps together.

Step 1.

Send your Pioneer profile.

You will find your profile on the pioneering gallery, after sending us your data. 

Step 2.

Invite other female pioneers role models to our community.

Help us spreading the word, so that we are able to enforce our impact to the world. 

Step 3.

Let´s make us visible altogether

We all have leading thoughts and ways to create the future, we want to live in. Let's bring them together and present them united to the wide ranges of our networks and the public.

Step 4.

We rock the world

Female and male pioneers and experts balanced on stages, in professional and pioneering articles, presentations, events and a lot more.

You don't know a female pioneer role model, but you want to support our vision to become the worlds greatest community of female pioneers. Then let's talk!