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We combine courage, heart leading, curiosity, new ways of doing | thinking | acting, pioneering, cooperation, questioning the status-quo, versatile, and a lot more... 

Meet Our Female Pioneers

Nadja Forster

Initiator & Core Team Female Pioneering | creator | Pioneer | Speaker | Entrepreneur

My passion is helping to shape the current times. Therefore, my approach is the holistic perspective. Because, when we recognize that everything is connected, we are able to access to the full diversity and potential which forms the basis for a sustainable and truly infinite growth in the 21st century.

Nicole Christine Laebe

Core Team Female Pioneering | Speaker | Mentorin | Autorin 

My passion is to get people, especially women, moving and changing and to accompany them in the process. My focus is on developing employees and managers in their self-efficacy as well as designing corporate structures in which everyone wants to contribute independently and is accepted. This also includes boldly treading new and unknown paths and consciously going through change processes.

Annett Mundani

Core Team Female Pioneering | Innovationsökologin | Visionärin | Mentorin | Lecturer

My motto: People and the environment must be considered together. As a pioneer, I love courageously breaking new ground. I am happy to support companies and institutions as well as specialists and executives in their change process in order to start into a successful future.

What drives me: passion | change of perspective | interest in people | sustainability.

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